Aki Productions Limited (Aki), which was established in 1990, provides various design and construction works within exhibition and promotion industry include Exhibition design, Interior architecture, Event promotion and production, Stage design and decoration and Department store fittings.

Aki's business has grown steadily, developing to one of the most competent and active companies in Hong Kong in a mere ten years. Moreover Aki always participates in worldwide exhibition and promotion activities. As Aki has never ceased to accumulate experiences, maintain innovation and belief in conducting excellence promotion work with high efficiency and high safety requirements, Aki has gained a good reputation in the industry because of total satisfaction for the clients.

The success story, which has lasted for almost ten years, has spurred our growth into maturity. As for the promotion profession, Aki will continue to comply with the principles of high quality and industrial safety.Also it will endeavor to be continuously innovative, apply advanced technologies, enhance design and construction techniques, improve design and construction methods and finally raise the output quality. The world is changing all the time and Aki must be ready to accept the challenges in future.

Corporate Philosophy

To build up clients' image ahead of competitions
To maximize clients' business growth through trade shows and exhibitions
To strengthen clients' corporate identity to meet marketing needs and objectives

Our Values

Integrity | Commitment | Passion | Seamlessness | Speed

Our Services

Aki employs qualified profesionals to handle the projects and aims to setup new standards of service to ensure client confidence. Aki commits to providing a specialized packages of services in:

Exhibition Design & Construction

Interior Architecture & Construction

Department Store Fittings

Event Promotion & Production

Stage Design & Decoration

Indeed, many clients make use of the services provided by Aki to strength their corporate identities to meet marketing requirements. Most clients appreciate our attentive, innovative and co-operative services.

Worldwide Projects

Aki provides global access to worldwide resources, exhibition consultancy and productions. To be a total solution provider within exhibition and promotion industry, Aki always monitors the projects from design beginning to job completion by guarantee of quality control.

We should, of course, be happy to assist our clients to maximize their business growth through our professional services include trade shows and exhibitions.

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Room 702, 7/F, Arion Commercial Centre,
2-12 Queen's Road West, Sheung Wan, HK
Tel: (852) 2697-1221
Fax: (852) 2603-0814

Should you have any queries on our services, please feel free to contact us